What is Winter Showcase 2020?

On December 18, 2020, our students will be presenting a project Scratch Coding Project that is unique to them, putting both presentation skills and passion under the spotlight.

Culminating a long-term project with our inspiring students, the Winter Showcase 2020 is a celebration of our students hard work, creativity, and thinking.

Featured are our students at Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) Special Education Program, and Friends of Children with Special Needs (FCSN) After School Program.


December 18, 2020

Learning Bee

5pm - 6pm


6pm - 6:30pm


6:30pm - 7:00pm

Learning By Doing

Our instructors follow the Golden Rule: Learning By Doing

Although our curriculum is rigorously strucutred, the goal for our students is to be able to learn the Methodical Engineering Process in which can be applied in all aspects of life, not just how to get the answer.

Individualized Feedback

Our highly experienced teachers are able to pinpoint concepts in which students are weak to actively adapt curriculum to reinforce concepts. This ensures that no matter what position the students are in, they will be able to gain a deeper understanding of the topics.

A Course Like No Other

Taking our experiences from our experience in competing in the FIRST Tech Challenge International Robotics Competion, our teachers specifically design the curriculum to be fun and interactive.

Our teachers create curriculum from scratch that takes out the boring and tedious steps often found in online tutorials. Helping our students learn applicable and essential concepts, our curriculum is specifically geared toward advancing to robotics competion level coding.

More Than Just Engineering

More important than actual coding, our class is rooted in the Methodical Engineering Process, or the way to think critically to solve problems.

Nuturing our students with fun and interactive courses, our classes are designed for students to not memorize but to learn to apply the skills they have learned in any class to their own lives.